Seamless Customs Clearance

Discover the service that gives you the freedom to reduce cost, monitor compliance and manage your Customs clearance process exactly the way you want to.

Strix Customs Clearance Options

We make the complex challenge of customs clearance fast and easy—guiding business associates in global trade transactions.

  • Self-Filing Software
    Count on the Strix automated, cloud-based self-filing solution and a solid API for customs and delivery tracking through our web interface—and receive training and 24/7 support for the Strix DIY filing process. Learn more...
  • Brokerage Services
    Work with Strix for expert in-house or outsourced Licensed Customs Brokers to provide CBP customs clearance requirements along with assurance in meeting your global marketplace timelines. Learn more...
  • Consulting
    Partner with Strix for a full suite of customs consulting in order to streamline your logistics processes. We have industry experience to handle rate fluctuations and seasonal transport trends. Learn more...

Expect seamless customs clearance with Strix solutions

Strix customs clearance services cover all the bases. We start with a cargo departure and finish with the safe and secure arrival of your goods where you need them delivered.

  • Simplifying Your CBP Requirements
  • Providing State-of-the-Art Support
  • Handling Your Customers Challenges

Simplifying Your CBP Requirements

  • Customs Clearance
  • Customs Entry Forms
  • Customs Brokerage
  • File An ISF
  • CBP 7501
  • Section 321
  • Entry Type 86

Providing State-of-the-Art Support

  • Web Services | API Integration
  • Self-Filing
  • Automation
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Training

Handling Your Customs Challenges

  • Domestic Freight
  • Freight Forwarding / Freight Brokerage
  • Classification
  • Delivery Orders
  • Post Summary Corrections
  • Section 321
  • Entry Type 86

Our Story

At Strix our mission is to offer a seamless customs experience, and to guide our business partners in the complex transport challenges related to global trade. Here, we do more than just get your goods delivered. We continually establish and build strong relationships with carriers, business partners, and customers like you. This is the reason we can deliver competitive rates for creative solutions to streamline your logistics needs. We have industry experience to handle updated freight requirements, rate fluctuations, and new regulations. Our licensed custom brokers are well versed in all customs clearing requirements.

The Strix team has been supporting importers, exporters, freight forwarders and foreign suppliers since 2006 from our Bozeman, Montana, headquarters. We take the challenges out of customs requirements and streamline the processes surrounding global trade. Most of the time, we are global trade specialists working on your seamless transport objectives. The rest of the time, we enjoy the Montana rivers, mountains, lakes and streams

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The Strix Difference

Self Filing Software

Innovative software as a service (Saas) provider offering state-of-the-art self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities.

Brokerage Services

Full-service Customs House Broker and Certified ACE vendor for all entry forms and customs compliancy documentation. Guide importers to succeed in the global marketplace through nationwide customs clearance, importer security filing, and classification services.


Guide companies and individuals for fast and seamless clearance of goods entering the US. Customer service centric, technology-focused, and ready to help customers pass their goods to the US.

Strix Your Way

Place your shipping containers, freight, and valuable cargo in good hands with Strix. Whether you decide to file using leading technology or partner with a customs house broker to do the entry forms for you, we take your possessions seriously.